Anostostimatidae & Friends

The first 5 beasts in this gallery are New Zealand examples of gigantism, insects evolving in the absence of mammals. The giant Weta is the heaviest insect the world. The others shown here form an ongoing collection of animals from around the world. Some will have suffered, being washed up in a swimming pool in Italy or chased around an Austrian town before ending up in front of the lens. Others have died of natural causes and were simply picked up where they fell.

Giant Weta - Anostostimatidae Deinacrida spp

Puriri Moth - Aenetus virescens

Giant Bush Dragonfly - Uropetala Carovei

Huhu Beetle - Prionoplus Reticularis

Giraffe Wevil - Asiorhynchus Barbicornis

Black Veined White Butterfly - Aporia crataegi

Two Puss Moths - Cerura vinula

Thorny Seahorse #1 - Hippocampus histrix

Thorny Seahorse #2 - Hippocampus histrix

Muscid Fly - Graphomya maculata

Winter Moth - Operophtera brumata

Essex Emerald Moth (extinct since 1991) - Thetidia smaragdaria

Male Common Blue - Polyommatus icarus

Tree Wasp - Dolichovespula sylvestris

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