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The Bach

A ‘bach’ is the name for a New Zealand holiday home and most of them were built in the middle of the 20th Century. I love shooting them as they are all so visually distinct. Each one has an idiosyncratic appearance due to the lack of building regulations and because they were usually built by the occupants from whatever cheap materials they could find.  Many are now in prized locations but doomed to a slow decline as the authorities refuse plans to update or modernise them.

Unité d'habitation

Le Corbusier stated that a house is "a machine for living in" and his Unité d'habitation is a manifestation of this. Located in the heart of a large park in Marseille it was completed in 1952 to accommodate families displaced by the second World War. It is full of communal areas, shops, galleries and on the roof it has a running track and pool. The concrete was set against wooden planks which gives every surface a unique finish. The interior and exterior resonate with warmth and serenity. It is pleasing beyond words.

Plants In Action

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