In Between Life and Death

These vibrant specimens from the natural world are bought to me dying, their stems cut, their days numbered. These images are my lamentations; an attempt to capture their essence before they wilt.
I’m usually turned off by pictures of flowers. Although beautiful I feel they can be kind of pompous and celebratory so to get away from that my images are blurry with mixed lighting and skewed colours.  I never buy cut flowers unless I have to. I find a vase of flowers superficial and fleeting, they don’t need to be grown, pulled up from the Earth, delivered to my house and end up in the rubbish. I isolate them from their stems to capture some of the tension I feel about them. Tension between the enjoyment of the flower as a natural object of beauty contrasted with the fact that it was grown on a farm for temporary indulgence. In these pictures I find some peace with the tension, as though I have done them a small justice by photographing them.


 Casey Moore © 2020